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Games are a representation of a situation structured by goals, rewards, rules, challenge, and interaction. This representation becomes an experience when it engages users to cross the bridge of the visual and audio interface towards a strong concept.

I believe games are evolving from simple toys to experiences where a growing market is looking for deeper entertainment, even if it is for just 5 minutes a day. It’s up to us as an industry to answer to that shift in the user perception. Now is the time to get into this new wave of interaction, let’s ride it together.

I’m a trained architect specialized in game creative development, I’m based in Vancouver BC; this site showcases my work and passion for game experiences, welcome!

about arnaldo

I love gaming, especially its ability to transport people into a whole new world. I left my career as an architect shifting my goal from space design to experience design. Through my career I’ve had the opportunity to work on the creation of visual concepts for IP development. Most recently, as a creative consultant, I've been able to generate new IP’s from game concept to business pitch.

A solid creative concept and its consistent application is fundamental for any project, this consistency depends on the commitment of the team with the product and furthermore with the end user. A group of people can create any game, but a community-based team that believe in what they do is unstoppable. Creative community and mentoring have been significant in my professional experience, reflected in the group initiatives I have developed and the training programs I have designed to trigger discussion and challenge criteria among development teams.

Long story short, my creative career focuses on creating clear and strong game concepts to achieve successful game experiences.

“Arnaldo is an exceptional artist whose work ethic and dedication to creativity is like no one else I’ve worked with. He is constantly looking for solutions and ways to make a process more smooth and friendly for the user. His artistic skill is inspiring and when faced with a challenge he steps up and meets it head on...”

--Lisa Riley, Development Director, Electronic Arts

“Arnaldo is one of the most creative thinkers we have in the art department at EA Canada. He is a wonderful designer and budding creative director with limitless ability and potential. Its been my privilege to get to know Arnaldo. The quality of his work speaks for itself - outstanding artist and team player.”

--Molly Mason, Senior Development Director, EA

“Arnaldo is a creative and focused worker. It has been my pleasure to work with him. He constantly pushes the envelope in creativity and is always helpful. His great eye is matched by his voracious appetite to improve himself...” ”

--Scott Penningroth, Graphics Trainer, EA

infect the world, one friend at the time

Pathogens’ global domination dream found hope in humans as the most reliable carrier and deadly enemy at the same time. This opportunity marks the beginning of this micro revolution to infect our way to immortality reaching the global legendary pandemic paradise.

Take the challenge against immune systems, infect and spread among your friends to achieve global pandemia!

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Free fall to domination

There is not much information previous to the hit, just the knowledge that the human race is a very resilient species. We also know that our multi-core system, “cluster cloud”, used to be a planet with a humble satellite.

After the development of the power trace technology, this young civilization started to catch up and adapt to this hostile environment. It was a peaceful community until resources started to scarce. Now four main clans ride the raw power of the elements with one goal: Cluster cloud's domination.

Terminal velocity warfare. Trace and crush enemies out of your sky!

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Training: Architecture for Games

“Architecture for games” is a training focused on applying design principles used in architecture to enhance game experiences. The main goal of this training is to provide game production teams (art and design) with tools to create consistent assets to support the game experience.

This training engages the participants showcasing the important relationship between the whole and the parts, making the team really aware of the big picture while providing them with specific tools to guide their contribution towards a seamless game experience. For more info checkout the training's brochure

Comments from participants:

“The overview of architecture concepts was very useful. It introduced people to the broad concepts so that now we know what to look for and where to base future research on, I particularly found his lecture on reference gathering to be very insightful”

"Being a 3D modeler I believe the Lego construction portion helped to illustrate the theories in actual practice"

Client recommendation:

I recommend Arnaldo for training sessions on Architecture. Arnaldo is a great professional that has a strong knowledge on Architecture. He was able to build and offer training sessions based on our specific needs which were valuable and appreciated by attendees.

--Jean-Philippe Noel - HR Generalist at Electronic Arts

Art Support

From IP development to concept art, I offer support to your studio creating bold and technology-conscious visual solutions committed to establish the connection between art and game experience. Budget and time constraints are not obstacles to deliver clear visual targets, a strong pitch presentation and bold graphic design that makes the difference.

Reference research

Outsourcing reference research documentation is a great way to save production time as the team always has a reliable dedicated source of reference to support the game development.

My research service starts with a core document created after brainstorming on the game concept and direction with the creative director, AD and/or game designer, this document would encapsulate all the world where the game is game developed, including information on social structure, architecture, technology, political context, history, etc.

As an optional feature, this material could be presented to the team in a lecture at the beginning of the production cycle. Then the document can be expanded as more specific information becomes necessary.


Lighting is the most important tool to portray emotion into gameplay. Lighting unifies digital assets into a visual experience. For more than 9 years, I have been working in computer graphics on a wide variety of projects including 12 AAA console next gen games with Electronic Arts Canada, Square Enix and Sony. As a photographer and architect I find lighting as a great discipline to explore and develop visual concepts to support interactive narrative and gameplay.

Sleeping Dogs, developed by United Front Games / Square Enix

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